Greetings from Canada! …We are  praying for and believing for a genuine out pourinig of the the Spirit of Revival,  that all who are believers but not functioning in an awakened spiritual condition,  will be awakened to power and fulfillment of their gifting of God on their lives!  Christ will appear for those who are awake!  Did you know that those who are in deep slumber as in being in a “comma” which is to be breathing but not awake in the sense we know as “a w a k e” …it’s the most serious spiritual condition,  when we ask how does anyone in deep “comma”  r e c o g n i z e  the Lord when He appears for those who believe!?!

I was asked to visit a young 21 year old native from the far north of Canada who fell into comma after sniffing of gas in the woods.  He was fortunate that a friend with him managed to get him breathing and air lifted him to our Regional Hospital where family  received me to pray for him. In the intensive care the young man was breathing with constant breathing apparatus,  but was in deep comma.  I prayed the prayer of faith believing that he “will be” revived to normal life.  However,  several weeks have passed  and I have not heard the condition of this patient,  which happens often with First Nations call to pray in any circumstance.

My point of mention is …anyone suddenly taken for whatever reason of incident,  if they are not saved and forgiven for all sin through faith in Jesus Christ the Savior of the World,  and if they succumb to the grave incident,  they are lost forever from God for eternity with no hope of return.  This is why countless believers are witnesses of God’s love and mercy to bring Christ into their lives to deliver them from eternaist’l hell for unrepentant sin and rejection of God,  which is the increasing world condition today.

If you are a New Test believer through faith in Jesus Christ of John 3:3-5,  and baptized with the ONE BAPTISM OF POWER, (not sprinkling water on heads by man’s hands) … then you are  empowered with the New Test  “Great Commission of Jesus Christ” to a dying world, to be a witness with the biblical “signs and  wonders of healing and deliverance from demon possession”  to set the captives free as Jesus did Himself!

A Gospel truth to those who fellowship in and of dry powerless baptisms of men worldwide, …is quote of K J.,  “For they have a  f o r m  of religion but  d e n y  the POWER of God (tradition of man’s sprinkling which is not the true doctrine of  Jesus Christ) …from such come out…”     “I CAME OUT of the traditions of men where emy life didn’t change,  where there was no physical healing  o r  deliverance from the bondage of sin,  nor did it lead me to a personal relationship with God, nor did it teach me that God has gifted me and called me to ministry as in  1 Corinthians 12: .,  nor did I have any love or caring for others not having received the forgiveness for sin,  by the biblical  ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM OF POWER for my life to empowering me to righteousness,  and to stand in the gift that God created me for,  …to name a few.

BUT that all changed in a 100 degree turnabout when I came face to face with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,  and was physically healed and empowered to live and grow in my FAITH which I had not been taught to do in the man made  world denominational church.  The purpose for sharing my experience is that if you recognize you   n e e d  healing,  love, deliverance from sin, spiritual joy, peace, and the fulfillment of God’s promises through faith in Jesus Christ in the traditions of men assemblies,  the bible said,  “” …come out.””  K J.

For questions or comment feel free to comment on “REVIVAL OR BUST” …are you bushed for eternity!?!  …and on fb  …and Google +  where you are welcome to comment!  God bless you with this truth!  I pray the sleeping unborn world churches will  come to life eternal as in quote of Jesus;  “Except ye be born again (in Him through FAITH not be demand of proof);  ye will not enter the kingdom of God.”  To beborn again is the biblical ” c o n v e r s i o n ”  of the  h u m a n  spirit INTO the life and presence of God,  which is the  r e c r e a t e d  and born again spirit who is empowered by the ONE BAPTISM for the purposes of God!  Will you find it!?!  God bless you to this truth!  Revivalist Sonja Grinstead  …



  1. Reblogged this on My Blog …Sonja Grinstead for Christ and commented:

    This Prophetic message for these last days is to warn, direct, and encourage those who are not ready to meet Jesus face to face when He appears, my question is WILL HE RECOGNIZE YOU AS HIS OWN!?! Please don’t wait to make all things right wise with God, that you will qualify for the harpazo/repture of Christ’s return for those who belong to Him. God bless you with strength and courage to meet His requirements for the biblical “catching away of the saints.”


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