Prophet end time message of the Lord.

God is speaking to all those who are listening and seeking His direction!  Last night I experienced the spiritual manifestation alerting me of a message of the Lord:  …then as He spoke I wrote it down to share for all those who want to qualify for the soon “harpazo” meaning the “catching away of the saints.”

Message as follows:  My rejection of sin will stand till the end,  yet awhile and I will remove sin…those who follow me I will restore and refresh …no more will I stand silent but will speak my mercy for those who abide in me …they shall cast their care upon me as never before for the signs of the end are visible …there will e great remorse for sin …those affected with heaviness will despair as hhope is gone …self pride will fail as hope diminishes in t eh world …I say there is none other name by whom you may be saved …those that seek me shall find me …I have called many to my side who bear the news of the last days …let no man slumber I will appear suddenly and my reward is with me…you may say “wash me and cleanse me and make me whole” but will it be for your own purposes but not my purposes?  …Cast not away your confidence on earthly things that are not heavenly of me …seek to discern that which is of earthly worth …will you worship in spirit and in truth to fulfill the joy of the saints …I say rest in me for there is the grace to fulfill my desires …Come now and let the just rejoice for I have spoken.

Be blessed of God and be an inspiration of His sudden coming,  the Word of God says  that No man knoweth the day nor the hour “of His appearing” but we will know by the discernment of the “times” …the times today are visible of the soon immanent end of the age as we know it.  Are you ready!?! …Are your loved ones informed!?!  You may share this message with your loved ones and friends if “for godly purposes of preparation for both the saved,  and unsaved to encourage a soul to their eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.   Revivalist Sonja Grinstead …


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