This Prophetic message for these last days is to warn, direct, and encourage those who are not ready to meet Jesus face to face when He appears, my question is WILL HE RECOGNIZE YOU AS HIS OWN!?! Please don’t wait to make all things right wise with God, that you will qualify for the harpazo/repture of Christ’s return for those who belong to Him. God bless you with strength and courage to meet His requirements for the biblical “catching away of the saints.”

My Blog ...Sonja Grinstead for Christ

Greetings from Canada! …We are  praying for and believing for a genuine out pourinig of the the Spirit of Revival,  that all who are believers but not functioning in an awakened spiritual condition,  will be awakened to power and fulfillment of their gifting of God on their lives!  Christ will appear for those who are awake!  Did you know that those who are in deep slumber as in being in a “comma” which is to be breathing but not awake in the sense we know as “a w a k e” …it’s the most serious spiritual condition,  when we ask how does anyone in deep “comma”  r e c o g n i z e  the Lord when He appears for those who believe!?!

I was asked to visit a young 21 year old native from the far north of Canada who fell into comma after sniffing of gas in…

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