Greetings in Jesus name! …What God is able to accomplish in your heart who believe in Him,  is nothing short of phenomenal and glorious for lack of words!  Have you talked to God lately!?! …He is waiting!  Don’t hold Him up from what He wants to say to you for your life,  well being, and future in Him!  If you should be troubled that you have not heard His voice when others do hear His voice,  it is for reasons of not seeking Him or perhaps willful sin in your life determines where we are in our faith! …but don’t be troubled any longer,  YOU ARE WORTHY to hear God’s voice when you belong to Him.  THE KEY IS AS QUOTE OF JESUS:  “Seek ye me and ye shall find me.”  It’s in that order!

Let me bless you and encourage you to hear His voice! …Last night I began seeking God like never before,  He began to answer me with confirmations of things I needed to know,  He resolved things for me,  He encouraged me in my call and directed me!  “”It lasted for several hours!!!”  …then I wrote down all I could remember and He will recall the rest when I ask!  …please please brother’s and sisters in the Lord,  LET GOD SPEAK TO YOU if He hasn’t already!?!   How do you know that He won’t even reveal or confirm the call of God to you when you seek Him!!

God bless you all and give you your heart’s desire in Jesus name amen!  …if by chance you have not yet known Jesus as the Savior of your soul,  pray as I did to know Him …Jesus I know I’m a  sinner please forgive me …wash me cleanse me and make me whole …fill me with the Holy Spirit to lead me to all truth and  reveal yourself to me and empower my life for your purposes …I BELIEVE NOW that my sin is forgiven and that I qualify for eternal salvation …and I thank you with a new heart in Jesus name amen!   Then locate a “NON Denominational”  New Test Church where they pray for sick and they are healed! …they will love you and help you grow in your faith!  …Google for locations.  Be blessed with this truth!  Revivalist Sonja Grinstead  Google +  …fb


My first post on World Press! …to celebrate a new adventure I will sing you a song I wrote to inspire y o u to write! “Oh Hallelujah Oh Glory be! Jesus came and rescued me …He bought me through the blood He shed …He gave me life instead of death …If you but ask Him to set you free …He will heal your wounds as He did for me …Oh Hallelujah Oh glory be! …Jesus came and rescued me! …I look forward to the plan and purpose of Word Press Blog to bring the Good News of the Gospel to encourage those who are suffering, lost, and broken hearted worldwide today! … Sonja for Christ!

Greetings from Thunder Bay, ON Canada!  …it has been anywhere from -23C to -30+ this past week,  and Thunder Bayins are chomping at the bit!  …the sound of “it’s March next month” is a glorious sound in this region today!  …the storms on the eastern seaboard are horrific in the U S with relentless storms plaguing the coast.  DO YOU PRAY!?!  …God honors our prayers for those who are suffering from the end time events of horrific weather,  especially the poor and homeless. I am looking forward to my experience on World Press,  another NEW VENTURE!  God bless you and give you your heart’s desire …in Jesus name amen!  Sonja!